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Bake: Baking Converter and Timer

Baka is the indispensable and popular measurement converter on iPhone and iPad app for both professional bakers and the home baker.

The measurement converter

The main problem I wanted the app to solve was to be able to recalculate ingredients by volume in recipes to grams. In this way, you can easily weigh all the ingredients instead of messing around with a lot of different measurements. But the measurements converter got better than that. With it, you can convert between more than 30 different volume and weight units, including foreign and traditional units of measurement. So if you find an old recipe in a collection that your grandparents left behind, the measurement converter will come in handy. In addition, you can use it to translate foreign measurements into Swedish to get the right proportions. More units of measurement and ingredients will be added as time goes on, so make sure you always have the latest version of the app. If there is any unit or ingredient that you think is missing, just contact me at

The temperature converter

For those of us who sometimes look for recipes from other cultures, there is also a temperature converter that translates between Celsius and Fahrenheit. In addition, there is a verbal part where, among other things, it is possible to translate from back and forth between Gas Mark, Celsius and Fahrenheit.


The app also contains a multi-timer that helps you keep track of all times in the kitchen, especially when you are e.g. hosting a large party and baking several different things at the same time. With Apple’s own timer for the iPhone, you can only have one countdown running at a time. But with the multitimer in the Bake app, you can have several timers running at the same time, e.g. one for baking and one for raising.

Download the popular Bake app from the App Store.

Download the Bake app on the App Store

BPM: Metronome and Tempo Counter

BPM is the metronome and tempo counter used both by musicians and in gym training. If you wonder what tempo a song or something else is in, you can easily find it by simply dropping the beat with your finger. If you change the pace, the pace counter automatically resets and shows the new pace.

Not only can the metronome play your chosen tempo with a ticking sound, but you can also choose to have the entire screen flash in time or the flashlight on the back of your iPhone. Perfect for having the tempo presented visually in dark environments where ambient noise is too loud or when you simply want the metronome to be silent. In addition to sound and visual playback of the tempo, you can also feel the tempo by letting your iPhone or Apple Watch play the tempo with vibrations or haptic pulses.

Runner’s Calculator

The runner’s calculator is an easy-to-use calculator specially developed for runners. But you can quickly and easily convert it between running pace, speed, distance and finish times. You can enter a distance yourself or choose to enter the finish time for one of 14 common race distances and immediately get the pace calculated both per kilometer and miles. Of course, you can do the reverse and enter the pace or running speed and get the finish times for each type of running event and race. Among the distances for running competitions there are short distances from 400m up to 1500m and longer distances from 5K up to 100 miles, including both half marathons and full marathons, but also slightly more odd distances such as the Backyard Ultra.

Calculate Negative Split

With the runner’s calculator, you can also calculate Negative Splits to find the optimal pace for the first and second half of a run. Many of the best performers in running competitions manage to conserve their energy during the first half of the race to make it last all the way to the finish line. The app makes it easy to calculate negative splits by choosing a distance for the race and what finish time you are aiming for. The app calculates which pace you should keep during each half of the race as well as the times for each kilometer or mile.

Energy calculator

Choose from a number of scientifically developed energy calculation models to estimate your energy consumption when running. Energy consumption is simply presented as the number of calories (kcal).

Download the Runner’s Calculator on the App Store.

Download the Runner's Calculator on the App Store.