Privacy Policy

Developer of naitive iOS apps

Your privacy is important to us, which is why we have developed a privacy policy that covers how we collect, use, disclose, transfer and store your personal data.

We care about your privacy. We believe that the information associated with you is yours. The information that is created, collected and recorded in our apps is stored primarily on your device and in your iCloud account for Apple devices or your Google drive account for Android devices. Information that you actively choose to store on our servers is stored in encrypted form and protected from intrusion. Communication between your devices and our servers is encrypted.

We anonymize the information we collect about your visits to our website and how you use our apps so that the data cannot be associated with you. We refrain from collecting data that does not benefit you or contribute to your experience of our apps or web pages. Information that cannot be anonymized is stored primarily on your device or your iCloud / Google drive account. We only store information about you that you actively agree to store. You have the right to request the deletion of data we store on you.

What is personal information

Personal data is any type of information that can in any way be directly or indirectly linked to a living person.

For you this means that any data that we store that is associated with you or may identify you, may count as personal data to you. It also means that general data that may be associated with many people cannot be regarded as personal data. E.g. “A blue dress” may be anyone’s dress, while “Jude’s blue dress” belongs to Jude.

Data that has been anonymized is not regarded as personal data.

How we collect personal information

We collect information through your use of our products and services. We only collect information that may contribute and benefit your use of our products and services.
We are interested in giving you the greatest possible benefit and experience with our apps and websites. We do not store and process personal information that you may not benefit from or that does not contribute to your experience.

How we store personal data

All information we store on our servers is anonymized and / or encrypted.

How we use personal data

We use personal data only for the purpose of improving our products and services. We do not sell personal data. We disclaim all responsibility for the data stored on your devices and your iCloude or Google drive account.

Your rights

You have the right to request that information we store on you to be deleted. Naturally, we cannot delete data on you behalf that has been anonymized. Such data is no longer associated with you.